DateMonday 6th September to Friday 10th September 2021 (Boys and Girls 5 Aside Division)
Tuesday 7th September to Friday 10th September 2021 (3×3 Mixed Division)
VenueTrustpower Arena at Baypark
5 Aside Coaches and Managers Meeting8.00am Monday Morning. Trustpower Arena, followed by a Scorebench Clinic
3 x 3 Coaches and Managers meeting8.30am Tuesday Morning. Trustpower Arena (Outside Courts), followed by a Coaching Clinic
CostsBoys and Girls 5 Aside Division $675.00 per team (NZ$)
3×3 Mixed Division $400.00 per team (NZ$)
Entries CloseWednesday 9th June 2021 at 11.59pm – Online registrations close
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Contact Details

Code Coordinators

Judy Castles
Phone: 027 633 0151

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Tournament Planning


  1. Students competing must be enrolled full-time in the school they are representing.
  2. New Zealand students competing must be classified as a Year 7 or Year 8 student on the New Zealand Ministry of Education Enrol database.
  3. Participating New Zealand schools must be an affiliated member of NZAIMS – New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling
  4. Students may compete in more than one code however timetable allowances will NOT be made for any competitors.
  5. Competitors must be over 10 years of age and under 13 years of age, as at 31 December the year before the tournament year. Competitor’s birthdates will be required on school registration documentation. For the 2021 AIMS Games, this means the accepted birth years are: 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  6. All participants must have online medical and media waiver documentation completed to be eligible compete.
  7. This is an inclusive event providing opportunities for students with physical, visual and intellectual disabilities to compete. The Para sports of Swimming and Cross Country require a provisional classification for eligibility. In all other sports, disabled athletes compete in an open class. See individual sports for entry requirements.


  • Schools are required to pay the entry fee of Boys and Girls Division $675.00 per team (NZ$) and 3×3 Mixed Division $400.00 per team (NZ$).
  • Non-refundable / Payment MUST be made within seven days of receipt of invoice.
  • Invoices will be sent to the School Accounts Manager after the entry closing date, Wednesday 9th June 2021.

Entries Close

  • Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 11.59pm
  • Entries to the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games Sporting Championships will be made and only accepted online
  • All registrations are completed online with EnterNOW.
  • Registrations will only be accepted from the designated School Anchor AIMS Games Coordinator.
  • Schools will be allocated a unique Anchor AIMS Games registration log in code to complete their entries.
  • EnterNOW demo video for schools  – View Video
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Planning Timeline



Friday 12th FebruaryRegistration opens (EnterNOW).
Friday 28th MayDeadline for those Para athletes required to submit a provisional classification application for Para Swimming and Cross Country (Para athletics).
Wednesday 9th JuneEntries close for the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games at 11.59pm. The EnterNOW system will generate a confirmation email three days prior to entries closing so school coordinators can check that they have entered the correct individuals, teams, codes, divisions etc. The AIMS Games Trust has a strict NO REFUND policy from this date! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Wednesday 23rd JuneAll schools must have paid their registration invoice to have their entry confirmed.  Late entries (if accepted) will incur a 50% penalty fee.
Wednesday 30th JuneConfirmation sent to all 2021 participating schools (if registration for a sporting code is oversubscribed then the opportunity to compete will be at the discretion of the executive committee).
Wednesday 28th JulyAll Team/individual online name and code information registration forms to be completed. Competitors’ names, date of birth, playing singlet number, coaches and manager’s names and contact details are required on this form. NOTE: Any team that withdraws after this date will be ineligible to compete at the 2022 Anchor AIMS Games Basketball tournament.
Monday 2nd AugustSchool group opening ceremony ticket bookings go on sale through Ticketek.
Monday 9th AugustPublic opening ceremony tickets go on sale through Ticketek.
Wednesday 11th AugustTeam sporting code draws published
Friday 13th AugustAll parents/caregivers must have completed their child’s medical and media waiver forms on our website.
Thursday 2nd SeptemberIndividual sporting code draws published.
Saturday 4th SeptemberThe 17th Anchor AIMS Games International Sporting Championships opens.
Sunday 5th SeptemberOpening Ceremonies, Trustpower Arena at Baypark, Mt Maunganui (First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm).


  • Girls 5 Aside Division (maximum of 12 / minimum of 8 players per team) / maximum of one girls team per school.
  • Boys 5 Aside Division (maximum of 12 players per team / minimum of 8 players per team) / maximum of one boys team per school.
  • 3×3 Mixed Division (maximum of 5 players per team – minimum of 2 girls per team) / maximum of two mixed 3×3 teams per school.
  • Schools may register in all three Divisions (Boys x1, Girls x1 and 3×3 Mixed x2).
  • Players may only be registered in one Basketball Division (due to timetabling players cannot play both).
    1. After Pool play games, Boys and Girls 5 Aside teams will split into three Divisions.
    2. Premiership – Top three teams will win Medals and certificates, plus first placed wins a cup.
    3. Championship – Top three teams will win certificates.
    4. Plate – Top three teams will win certificates.
    5. The team numbers in each division will be dependent on entries.
  • To ensure players are given equal opportunities the AIMS Games Trust recommends all players get a minimum of half a games play, per game.


Sunday 5th September Opening Ceremony (Trustpower Arena at Baypark) First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm
Monday 6th September Managers and Coaches Scorebench Meeting (8.00am)
Boys and Girls 5 Aside Division – Section Play
Tuesday 7th September Boys and Girls 5 Aside Division – Section Play
Tuesday 7th September 3×3 Mixed Division – Section Play
Wednesday 8th September Boys and Girls 5 Aside Division – Section Play / Crossover Games
Wednesday 8th September 3×3 Mixed Division – Section Play
Thursday 9th September All Divisions – Quarter Finals / Semi Finals
Friday 10th September All Divisions – Finals / Prize giving (Trustpower Arena at Baypark)


  • Teams are to provide one COMPETENT score bench person for their game.
  • All games will be provided with referees by the tournament referee organising committee.
  • If you have a qualified referee attending with your team please let the tournament organiser know prior to the event.

Boys 5 Aside Division and Girls 5 Aside Division Rules

  1. Size six ball for the Boys Division and Size 5 ball for the Girls Division. Match balls will be provided.
  2. Game times will be 4 x 8 minutes quarters, running clock. One minute between quarters and two-minute half time. Games will start to time.
  3. One thirty second time out per half – none in the last three minutes of the game even if you have it in prior to the last three minutes (except for in quarters, semi-finals and finals).
  4. Substitutions are to be notified to the bench and are allowed to take the court on any dead ball.
  5. On the fifth personal foul the player MUST leave the court.
  6. Four Team fouls allowed per quarter. Free throws to be taken on fifth team foul.
  7. Free-throws: Any free-throws can be shot or ball inbound from the side EXCEPT in the And one situation where the one free-throw must be shot. Coaches to communicate what option to referee quickly – if no communication, shots will be taken. All free-throws awarded are to be taken within 5 seconds from the time the referee passes the ball to the shooter.
  8. Points: three for a win and two for a loss (in the event of a tie at the end of the game, two minutes’ extra time will be played to find a winner).
  9. If after first two minutes overtime and teams still tied another two minutes will be played and if still tied it will go to Golden Basket. First points wins.
  10. Minimum of eight players per team with a maximum of twelve.
  11. No mixed gender teams in the Girls Division and Boys Division.
  12. No skins are to be worn under tops or shorts. A medical certificate must be produced if an undergarment is to be worn.
  13. Protective knee and elbow pads allowed.
  14. Mouth guards are compulsory and must be worn at all times.
  15. Man to man defence is to be played at all times (no zone defence).
  16. As per BBNZ Under 15 Rules there will be three pointers.
  17. Team management check the score sheets ten minutes prior to the start of your first game.
  18. Score sheets will be checked against team registration sheets to ensure that there are no players playing who were not included in the verified team registration.
  19. If a player is not included on the first score sheet, then they are unable to play in any future games.
  20. Score bench will be provided for Semi’s and Finals.
  21. Quarter, Semi and Finals – the clock will be stopped for all violations in the last three minutes of the game. If the referee calls for refs time the clock will stop during the game for Quarters, Semis and Finals.
  22. Quarter, Semi and Finals – clock stops on a made basket in the final two minutes of the last quarter as per FIBA rules.

3x3 Mixed Division Rules

  1. A Wilson Fiba 3 x 3 basketball will be used at all times. Match balls provided. Balls are a size 6 with the weight of a size 7 ball.
  2. Game time will be 10 minutes running clock or first team to 21 points. Games will start to time.
  3. Game must start with three players per team (minimum of one girl).
  4. Maximum of five players – minimum of two girls per team.
  5. At least one girl from each team must be on the court at all times.
  6. One 20 second time out per team.
  7. Paper, scissors, rock will determine who starts the game. Team that wins can decide whether it takes the ball or leaves it.
  8. Every shot inside the arc shall be awarded one 1 point. Every shot behind the arc shall be awarded two 2 points. Every successful free-throw shall be awarded one 1 point.
  9. Overtime – First team to score two points wins the game.
  10. Mouth guards are compulsory.
  11. Man to Man defence to be played at all times.
  12. Substitutions can be made on any dead ball or they can enter the game after teammate steps off the court and they touch hands behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the referees or table officials.
  13. 6 team fouls allowed. On the 7th, 8th and 9th team foul 2 free throws will be awarded. On the 10th team foul 2 free throws and ball possession shall be awarded.
  14. Stalling or failing to play actively shall be a violation. Teams must attempt a shot within 12 seconds. Referees will manage the 12 second shot clock. Referee to warn and count down the last 5 seconds.
  15. Possession following a successful basket – Defence pass ball in right under hoop and ball to be dribbled or passed to a player behind the arc. Defensive team are not allowed to play for the ball inside the “no-charge semi-circle” area underneath the basket.
    • Following a dead ball – Ball to be checked behind the arc at the top.
    • Following a defensive rebound or steal – Ball to be dribbled/passed behind the arc.
    • Following a jumpball situation – defence takes possession.
  16. Teams to provide their own score bench personnel.
  17. Score bench will be provided for Semi Finals and Final.
  18. Protective knee and elbow pads are allowed.


Final placings from all basketball divisions from the 2019 Anchor AIMS Games Tournament will determine seeding for this year.

Medal Presentation

The top three placed teams in the Boys and Girls 5 Aside Premiership Grade will be presented with medals and a certificate and the top three placed teams in the Championship Grade and Plate Grade will be presented with certificates at the Trustpower Arena at the conclusion of the finals on Friday 10th September. The 3×3 prizegiving will also take place with top three teams being presented with medals and certificates.