Child Protection Policy


  1. AIMS Games School Sporting Championships (AIMS) is an inter-school sporting competition for Year 7 and 8 school children across New Zealand and the wider South Pacific. At the AIMS Games, children’s’ safety and security is paramount. The AIMS Games Trust is committed to child protection and its responsibilities under the Children’s Act 2014. This Child Protection Policy (Policy) is to ensure high-quality practices and procedures are adopted to keep children safe while they attend the AIMS Games.

  2. During the AIMS Games, AIMS personnel, contractors and volunteers (Staff) may observe and identify suspected child abuse and/or neglect. AIMS Staff therefore have an important role in identifying and responding to potential abuse or neglect. Clear processes are required to make sure that children are protected and that any child protection concerns are appropriately responded to and reported.

Policy was adopted Monday 14 June 2021.

Allegations or concerns

Please contact our child protection officer to report any concerns.