Anchor AIMS Games Terms and Conditions 2021

Submission of an entry to the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games serves as acknowledgement and acceptance (on behalf of yourself and your legal parent or guardian) of the Terms and Conditions, including the Indemnity and Release. This waiver applies to all 23 codes offered at the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games without exception.

1. Competitor’s Responsibility

By entering the Anchor AIMS Games you agree to use your best endeavours to prevent injury or harm to yourself and others whilst participating in or attending the competition/tournament venue. In doing so you agree to waive all claims (both statutory and tortious) against the AIMS Games Trust (including its trustees, employees, code coordinators, agents, contractors, officials and judges), and such other persons involved in running the competition/tournament.

2. Fitness to Enter

You are in sound physical condition and health, making you capable of competing in the number and type of events for which you have registered. This includes, but is not limited to, being free from any symptoms of Covid-19 and measles in the 14 days immediately prior to, and during, the tournament.

You agree that if your physical condition or health changes prior to the commencement of the tournament you will immediately advise us of this and immediately cease participation in the tournament. You agree that you may be required to not attend or continue to attend the tournament If you become unwell or display any symptoms of Covid-19 or measles, or any other health concern with the potential to spread, prior to or during the tournament.

3. Injury Procedures

In the event that you sustain an injury or illness whilst participating in the Anchor AIMS Games, you authorise the appointed sports injury personnel to perform and administer such emergency medical attention as they think is necessary.

4. Acknowledgment of Inherent Dangers

You acknowledge that the activities in which you may participate whilst competing or practising have inherent dangers which may cause injury to yourself or others (ranging from minor injuries to more serious injuries up to and including death) if carried out without due care, with inadequate training or preparation, or without proper supervision.

You acknowledge that you have adequate training and experience in the event in which you have chosen to participate and that the organisers and sponsors of the Anchor AIMS Games will not be liable for any injury to you as a result of a lack of or inadequate training and experience.

5. Waiver of Liability for Personal Injury

The AIMS Games Trust (including its trustees, employees, code coordinators, agents, contractors, officials and judges) and others involved in the running of the competition/tournament do not accept any liability (including tortious liability) for failure on your part to take due care to prevent harm to yourself or others whilst attending the competition/tournament and exclude all liability for damages (whether exemplary damages or otherwise) howsoever arising.

6. Safety of Equipment

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the equipment used in the tournament and the competition/tournament venue do not pose an unacceptable risk of injury to competitors, you agree that:

    • You will notify the code coordinator as soon as you notice that an item of equipment or aspect of the competition/tournament venue is, or becomes, unsafe;
    • You will ensure that you satisfy yourself of the safety of any equipment used prior to using it;
    • You will not use any equipment for a purpose for which it was not designed;
    • Where generally considered appropriate, you are adequately supervised.

7. Damage to Personal Property

You shall ensure that any personal property brought into the competition/tournament venue is safe from theft or damage. The AIMS Games Trust excludes all liability howsoever arising for any damage to, or theft of, personal property.

8. Promotional Material

Anchor AIMS Games has the unconditional right to use at its discretion any photographic and/or video images taken of any competitors/officials while participating at the Anchor AIMS Games, and any information provided by you, in any form of social media, websites, media, art, advertising, trade, visual documentary, promotional material, merchandise, film coverage etc. without any compensation to you or approval by you. All images will be stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

The purpose of these images is to use them on future promotional, advertising and marketing materials for the Games, as well as in local and national media and social media reports before, during and after the Games. The AIMS Games Trust wherever possible carefully selects  images to be used that are in the best interests of all of its competitors, however due to the large number of competitors and the presence of media with limited time frames, it is not possible to seek consent of the individual competitor prior to the image being published.

9. Rules

You will abide by the rules and regulations as set down by the sports body organising the event in which you have entered (The Sport). You agree that failure to comply with the designated rules may result in your disqualification from the Anchor AIMS Games and that you are responsible for any consequences of your failure to observe the rules and regulations.

10. Collection of Information

Information is collected and held by Anchor AIMS Games in accordance with all legislative requirements including the Privacy Act 1993. Information collected will be forwarded to the individual codes and published in hardcopy and online. Your name and contact details may be forwarded to Anchor AIMS Games sponsors, who may use them for promotional purposes. You have the right to request access to and correction of any personal information held by Anchor AIMS Games. By providing Anchor AIMS Games with your email address you consent to receive of promotional and other information via email from Anchor AIMS Games or associated parties related to Anchor AIMS Games or other relevant events or activities.

11. Refund Policy

If you withdraw from an event after entries close for the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games there is a strict NO REFUND policy from this date (Wednesday 9th June 2021)! NO EXCEPTIONS! The refund policy will be applied in every case without regard to the reason for any withdrawal. Fees are not transferable from one participant to another.

No refunds will be issued if sports are cancelled due to events beyond the reasonable control of the AIMS Games Trust such as, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, epidemics (including but not limited to measles and the Coronavirus), natural disasters, unavailability of venues, and so on.

12. Cancellation Policy

The organisers of the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games reserve the right to cancel the event if, upon consultation with relevant local, health or government authorities, it is deemed unsafe to proceed with the tournament. Reasons for cancellation may include adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or epidemics (including but not limited to measles and the Coronavirus).

In the unlikely event of a cancellation, you agree that the Anchor AIMS Games will not be liable for any costs incurred by you as a result of the cancellation including accommodation or transport costs already Incurred.

13. Medical and Media Waiver

All parents/caregivers must complete their child’s medical and media waiver forms on our website by Friday 13th August. All participants at the 2021 Anchor AIMS Games must have this documentation completed to be eligible to compete. This information is to assist us in case of any eventuality and is treated in a confidential manner. All Information collected will be used and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Due to the number of students competing in the Anchor AIMS Games, it is strongly recommended that any student who is or becomes unwell during the tournament, removes themselves from all Anchor AIMS Games organised events. As the well-being of all participants in the Anchor AIMS Games is the priority of all sponsors and organisers, the Anchor AIMS Games reserves the right to prevent any student from competing in any Anchor AIMS Games event if, in the opinion of any medical provider or the tournament director, the student is deemed to be medically unfit to compete. This includes any student who exhibits flu-like symptoms (including but not limited to symptoms associated with the Coronavirus and measles) including fever and respiratory symptoms such as a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Anchor AIMS Games accepts no liability whatsoever (including tortious liability) for any losses or damages arising out of a medical event, including any necessary cancellations that arise as a result.


  1. I am aware of the hazards involved in competing in the Anchor AIMS Games and associated sports events (The Sports). The hazards include, but are not limited to, the condition of competitor’s equipment, sports venues and surfaces, road and track services, vehicle traffic, actions of competitors, spectators, organisers and sports personnel, weather conditions, hypothermia and heat exhaustion. In my judgement I have sufficient competence and experience to participate safely.
  2. I certify that I am in sound physical condition and health, and have sufficiently trained for participation in the number and type of events for which I have registered and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.
  3. On behalf of myself, my agents, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assignees:
    1. WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, and all other risks or claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring to me as a result or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in and my travelling to and from the Anchor AIMS Games or the associated events the following person or entities:
      AIMS Games Trust, sports event organisations, land managers and/or owners, event sponsors, volunteers, all cities, towns, regions, districts or other areas of whatever nature in which the event may be staged and their (its) representatives, respective officers, organisers, contacts, directors, employees, independent contractors, agents and volunteers.
    2. INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned in paragraph 3(a) above from any and all liabilities, risks, claims or actions (including negligence) whatever or howsoever caused arising as a result of or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in and travelling to and from the Anchor AIMS Games and the associated events.
  4. I acknowledge that the organiser reserves the right to alter days and times of an advertised event or sports event if conditions warrant.